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And so the clean-cut barbarians ran rough-shod over the people and cities of the Green Lands. No structure was spared their fire, no ale escaped their bellies, no fair maiden with her innocence. No, there wasn't much rape, the barbarians just sat the women down and told them how the world REALLY worked. It was horrible...

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Posted 21:07
Sun 15 April
by captainmisc

My name is Shane Hosea, and I really needed a place to post these comics besides Facebook.
Welcome to the Book of Hosea! 2 parts web-comic, 1 part motivation for me to get better at drawing. Please enjoy the mostly gag-a-day format and also the semi-ongoing "Party Poopers" and the running gag that is "Dapper Chaps". Check it out on Facebook if you haven't already

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