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Dapper Chaps: Finale

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I want to take a minute to talk about the Dapper Chaps, Woggly and Boggly. DC started as an exercise in drawing comics that I was doing with a buddy of mine named Craig. The idea was to fill up an entire page with comics as fast as you could. I started doing the Dapper Chaps as just a silly stream of consciousness gag-strip and wound up making Craig laugh pretty hard at how absurd they were. Some of those original comics, in fact, got reworked for this site. I have a pretty good history with these two characters, but as sad as it may make me, its time to move on. Look forward to something fresh and new on Friday!

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Site Launch

Posted 21:07
Sun 15 April
by captainmisc

My name is Shane Hosea, and I really needed a place to post these comics besides Facebook.
Welcome to the Book of Hosea! 2 parts web-comic, 1 part motivation for me to get better at drawing. Please enjoy the mostly gag-a-day format and also the semi-ongoing "Party Poopers" and the running gag that is "Dapper Chaps". Check it out on Facebook if you haven't already

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